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Senior appointments designed to help navigate clients through Brexit and possible Indyref 2

Message Matters, the strategic communications consultancy based in Edinburgh, has announced two new appointments with immediate effect.

The agency, founded in 2012 by Peter Duncan and Andy Maciver, delivers a spectrum of integrated communications services including media relations, political relations, campaigns and branding.

It has today announced the following additions to its team:

  • Marco Biagi, former SNP Scottish Government Minister, EU Remain supporter and Scottish independence supporter, becomes Senior Counsel
  • Tom Harris, former Labour UK Government Minister, leader of the Scottish Vote Leave campaign and opponent of Scottish independence, becomes Senior Counsel

These new appointments augment Message Matters current team of Directors (Andy and Peter), Associates Fiona Leith and Kirsty Leiper, and existing Senior Counsel, former Better Together, Britain Stronger in Europe and Lib Dem campaigner Craig Harrow.

Commenting on the new appointments, founder-director Andy Maciver said:

“These outstanding appointments supplement and complement our existing team, which was already offering superb advice to clients on Scotland’s stormy political waters. The addition of Marco and Tom means that Message Matters now has high-level intelligence and insight from all sides of all debates.

“Over the next few years, Scotland is likely to experience more significant political events, which may include another referendum, a general election and an exit from the EU. Message Matters now has people at the heart of the Remain and Leave campaigns, at the heart of the Yes and No campaigns, and at the heart of all the political parties.

“We believe that we are now able to offer unrivalled advice to clients as they attempt to find their way through the uncertainties caused by Brexit and the likely second Scottish independence referendum.”

Marco Biagi said:

“It’s important for everyone that organisations have access to all the perspectives, especially in these stormy political times. I’m very pleased therefore to be able to add my own analysis and insight to the already excellent resources available through Message Matters. I will be offering my services to help ensure clients can navigate the coming years with wider understanding and renewed confidence, and I look forward to working with such a highly-regarded and well-respected agency.”

Tom Harris said:

“We are about to enter another period of extreme uncertainty and instability in Scottish, British and European politics. It is vital that key stakeholders on the periphery of politics, such as the business community and the third sector, have the best possible analysis and advice at their fingertips. Message Matters has a reputation for being able to provide that insight to the highest possible standard, and I’m delighted to be able to add to that base of knowledge.”



  1. About Message Matters – Message Matters is a strategic communications partner. Its experienced directors and associates deliver a spectrum of integrated communications services including media relations, political relations, campaigns and branding. It delivers quality, consistency and dynamic results for clients’ unique story.

  2. Message Matters was founded by Peter Duncan and Andy Maciver. Peter has over 25 years of business and campaigns experience, has operated in the family-run and corporate business space, was a Conservative MP and Party Chairman. Andy has 15 years of experience in communications in banking and politics, with experience in corporate positioning, reputation management and strategic campaigns.

  3. Marco and Tom will offer advice and counsel to Message Matters for the purposes of assisting its clients. They will not represent the company or its clients to Ministers or officials of the Scottish Government.