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Publish, publish and publish again

by Andy Maciver The aftermath of the latest ISIL atrocity has, understandably, been focussed on the truly great issues of our time. Are we getting the fight against Islamic extremism right? Do we need to prioritise air strikes or ground troops, diplomatic negotiation or long-term, grass-roots change

Lobbying is an essential part of democracy

By Peter Duncan Netflix, Sky and others carrying excellent US TV content have offered the people of Scotland a clear and racy perception of lobbyists. Sharp suits, sunglasses, shady deals on the steps of Capitol Hill. But an insight into the life of a lobbyist in Scotland will

Jimmy Reid speech inspires John Byrne Award winner

Ruairidh Macleod’s improvised violin response to trade unionist’s famous ‘Alienation’ address hits the right note. Ruairidh Macleod, a sixth year student at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh, has won the prestigious 2015 John Byrne Award for his musical improvisation, De Profundis. Now in its sixth year,