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2020 Climate Change Targets – Keep Scotland Beautiful Statement

2020 Climate Change Targets – Keep Scotland Beautiful Statement

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Chief Executive, Derek Robertson, said:

“Keep Scotland Beautiful is disappointed that Scotland’s targets, prescribed by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act, have been missed again and urges an increased commitment to support action to reduce our carbon emissions.

“It would be all too easy to be critical of government, but these are Scotland’s targets and we all need to play our part, from public bodies, to businesses, to communities.  This is an important year for action with the UN climate change negotiations taking place in Paris in December.  Scotland has set world leading, year on year, national targets, and we need a concerted and collective effort to meet them.  Reducing our targets will not remove the risk that we face from climate change which is why Keep Scotland Beautiful is calling on our public bodies, our businesses and our communities to help us step up their efforts to cut carbon emissions and meet future targets.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful recognises that significant progress has been made in some areas since 2009, and we are proud to have been involved in managing the Sustainable Scotland Network in partnership with Scotland’s public bodies and successfully delivering the Climate Challenge Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government.  But, we acknowledge that further action needs to be taken to address sectors such as transport, energy and land use where greater improvements need to be made urgently to drive down emissions year-on-year, ensuring that that our 42% target reduction can be met by 2020.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful is committed to stepping up its efforts in working with public sector organisations, business and communities to reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions by securing the benefits of cleaner energy and lower carbon lifestyles.  We see it as part of our charity’s work to make Scotland clean, green and more sustainable”.