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McLeish launches Scottish Alliance for People and Places

McLeish launches Scottish Alliance for People and Places

10 organisations coalesce ahead of Planning Bill

The Scottish Alliance for People and Places, chaired by former First Minister Henry McLeish, has launched its campaign. (Photographs are available here. Please credit Sandy Young.)

The Alliance, comprising ten organisations working across the planning and placemaking sectors, has come together to urge the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament to deliver a more inclusive, collaborative and innovative planning system when the Planning Bill is introduced to Holyrood later this year.

In addition to the former First Minister and several members of the Alliance, speaking at the launch were the Scottish Government’s Minister for Local Government and Housing Kevin Stewart MSP, as well as Graham Simpson MSP, Monica Lennon MSP and Andy Wightman MSP, from the Conservatives, Labour and Green parties respectively.

The Alliance’s founding members are, in alphabetical order:

  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • PAS
  • Paths for All
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • RSA
  • RTPI
  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • Scottish Mediation Network
  • Scotland’s Towns Partnership

Speaking at the event, Henry McLeish said:

“The truth is that in many communities across Scotland, planning is viewed as an imposition – something done to us by big developers in partnership with local government. It’s often about stopping the development we don’t like, rather than working together to plan the positive developments we want to see – local parks, schools, hospitals, housing.

“Ultimately, this is about homes and the places in which we live and work. If Scotland wants to realise our shared dream of a home for everyone, we have to create a new and positive mood which empowers the planning system to help deliver it.

“We want to work with the Scottish Government and Parliament to present an ambitious vision for a refreshed and revitalised planning system in Scotland that plans and delivers the quality economic and social development our country needs, but through collaboration and dialogue. Over the coming months, we will harness the experience and expertise of our members to offer constructive policy solutions that we believe can make this type transformational cultural change a reality.”