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MM offers senior, strategic, private counsel to large companies to assist them in their political engagement and lobbying.


Together with our long-term strategic branding partner, Brand Satellite, MM manages the updating, overhaul and creation of new brand identities for a range of organisations.


Our directors have known and hired Giles Etherington from Brand Satellite for almost 10 years, so when a client needs a new logo Giles is our first phone call.


MM offers clients creative, engaging and structured digital redevelopments, including websites and social media. After building websites for several clients, we know what works and what doesn’t. So for ‘brochure’ websites we look no further than our strategic partner Roslin Design, who build fantastic, affordable


MM believes that the days of communications being divided into groups are gone. In the digital age, all organisations need consistency of their message between media relations, social media and, or course, marketing. So we provide marketing services with the assistance of strategic design, creative

Crisis Communications

Nobody likes buying insurance. But you’re grateful you have when something goes wrong. MM provides insurance in the form of a crisis communications service. A number of our clients, with whom we work only on an occasional basis, know that they can call us when


Many of our senior staff are writers at heart, so providing editorial comes naturally to us. We love writing for clients for every audience, in every sector.