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Our directors have known and hired Giles Etherington from Brand Satellite for almost 10 years, so when a client needs a new logo Giles is our first phone call. One example is … the Campaign for Scottish Home Rule (CSHR).

CSHR included people from across the political spectrum and from outwith politics who came together to make the case for an effective, sustainable and productive Home Rule settlement for Scotland.

Creating a logo is about more than just a nice picture. MM always undertakes an audit and development process to engage with staff, stakeholders and peers to establish an in-depth understanding of the work and objectives of the organisation. It’s the only way to emerge with a result which looks good, tells a story and stands the test of time.

What they think of us
Geoff Mawdsley, Director of the CSHR’s founder organisation, Reform Scotland, said: “With Message Matters helping us devise and create the campaign, as they had done previously with Devo Plus, the fact that they could also take care of the brand design made the whole process smooth and consistent.”


March 15, 2015