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It’s ego-boosting to get some good media coverage, but if there is no strategy underpinning it then there is nothing to build upon, no consistency and no real benefit. So before we go anywhere near a journalist on behalf of a client, we go through our unique process to make sure the message is ready to be publicised. One example is … Reform Scotland.

Reform Scotland, MM’s first client, is an independent, non-party think tank. We invest time in crafting Reform’s key message as part of the initial stages of delivering its communications strategy. Everything flows from there; armed with the understanding, the message and the means by which to communicate with the key media, who we know well, Reform Scotland has consistently exceeded its own expectations of media impact.

What they say about us
Ben Thomson, former Chairman of Reform Scotland, says: “Message Matters have a strong track record with us in delivering positive media coverage and in getting our key messages out.”


March 15, 2015