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What they say

The Message Matters team provided strong insight and strategic counsel on the Scottish political and media scene around the launch of an important thought leadership report in Scotland. As a result, wide coverage of the report was successfully secured.

David Williamson, Head of Policy and Communications

Message Matters were our trusted partners through a Holyrood committee enquiry process, able to anticipate and successfully navigate the issues that were raised. We have commissioned similar assistance before from others, however their support was of a higher standard and delivered exactly what we asked for.

Dr Sheuli Porkess, Executive Director, Research, Medical and Innovation

We have worked with Message Matters for a number of years. In that time they have advised us on a range of issues, alongside helping us to deliver successful and meaningful community consultation, build support for development proposals and greatly strengthen relationships at a local, regional and national level.

Gemma Hamilton, Head of Project Development

Message Matters have made a tangible difference to our success in raising our media profile, and crucially ensuring that our coverage reaches key audiences with the messages that we want to convey. MM have become our trusted partners, and we have come to rely heavily upon them for our continued success and development.

Jane Wood, Managing Director

We faced a existential threat through likely government legislative change, and Message Matters helped us form a powerful case to rebut, and helped us communicate effectively with the key decision makers. I have no doubt that their intervention and advice was crucial.

Ewan Jackson, UK Vice Chair

Message Matters are excellent partners for our campaign – their advice on strategy has been invaluable, their political acumen provides insight and brings focus to our plans – ensuring we increase our influence and profile where it matters most. They have been unstintingly calm, responsive and unflappable helping me navigate the opportunities and challenges that arise when seeking to change public policy.

Ally Thomson, Director

MM's understanding of the policy backdrop relating to electric vehicles, their good relationships with government and opposition and their strategic communication skills have enabled EVA Scotland to raise our profile significantly since we started working together.

Alister Hamilton, Chairman

Message Matters were appointed before the launch of the Financial Data and Technology Association to help organise this new industry body and then to plan, develop and deliver an effective campaign. They have made things happen whilst conducting themselves professionally and with much enthusiasm.

Gavin Littlejohn, Chairman

We have quickly learned to quickly trust MM's judgement in supporting our media and political relations activities. Of particular note is their ability to cope with the inevitable sudden peaks of activity with understanding and unvarying quality advice.

Angela McFarlane, UK and Ireland Business Development Director

Message Matters have been an indispensable part of our transformation. They have led the creation of a new message and have been unbelievably successful in finding a wide range of ways to convey that new message to both the public and our key target audiences.

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive

Message Matters got under the skin of our organisation, know our work inside out and have become a seamless extension of our team. They understand intuitively how to relate to our distinct audiences and have been instrumental in charting a course for our rebrand, providing a balanced dose of friendly advice and critical guidance.

Petra Biberbach, Chief Executive

Message Matters have provided us with an insightful analysis of the unfolding brexit process which our management and clients now regard as indispensible. They help us navigate our complicated political environment.

Murray Clark, Business Development Director

Message Matters provided us with top class corporate communications support and guidance through a recent takeover. This was our first engagement and I have been so impressed by their dedication and professionalism that we intend to continue working with them in the future.

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer

We have had the benefit of excellent training presentations and input from Message Matters. Their political insight and totally neutral approach has been invaluable.

Louisa Knox, Partner

Organisations like mine, will always face challenging periods of public and media examination. When that happens, you need cool and considered counsel from the experts – I have hugely valued support and advice from Message Matters.

Alistair Robertson, Chief Executive

Message Matters has a rare ability to distil complex issues to their very core. Excellent communicators with a skilled eye on the business environment.

Geoff Aberdein, Head of Global Public Affairs

We have made more progress in the short number of months we have been working with Message Matters than we have in a number of years seeking to develop the Scottish market alone. Our product is transformative, but the careful way MM has crafted our distinct Scottish message, and the political and government relationships they have helped us develop have made the seemingly impossible, possible.

James Westhead, Executive Director (external relations)